Luxury Brands

Luxury brands have complex real estate needs; they often need to account for several variables including showrooms, design areas, an atelier/sample making, storage, sample sales, and flexible space for corporate functions. Executives making real estate decisions on behalf of these companies need to create a premium brand image and maintain high levels of employee satisfaction while finding creative solutions under an increasingly tight budget to do so. All of this needs to be managed with an eye towards branding, image and office space that is inspirational.

We combine an experienced team of workplace strategists and advisors with the expertise to amplify your clients’ experiences. After our strategists identify potential blind spots in your resource allocations, they tailor creative plans to optimize space so that no value is wasted. At the same time, our advisors step back to view the market objectively and provide you with best practices. We identify more buildings that work well with the way you intend to use them. We ensure that your ancillary uses will be accepted and will accommodate flexible lease provisions to make life easy for you and your colleagues when it comes time to change or update your showrooms.

When we get to know your luxury brand better, this helps us identify the best space for your needs. Ultimately, we broker flexible lease provisions to ensure you gain the most luxurious real estate you can get with industry-leading solutions.