For all campuses, real estate is about much more than property. It’s about creating a haven for your faculty, administrators and students alike to learn from each other.

We have been committed to education for over 30 years, serving both public and private colleges, as well as universities and career-focused trade schools. Far more than just real estate advisors, Savills provides a full range of services to institutions, including: developing houses, academic and administrative buildings, town centers, parking facilities and more.

We specialize in strategic real estate consulting, public-private partnership consulting, transactions, capitalization and financing, contract negotiations, as well as development and project management. Since no two partnerships are the same, we take a rigorous approach to define the unique needs of your campus before ever beginning a new project.

After we determine project feasibility and financing strategies, we assist you with all contract negotiations. By thinking creatively and working with you strategically, we ensure your institution is prepared for real estate changes now and into the future.