Designed with a focus on the occupier of space, our technology gives you access to comprehensive and clearly presented information, allowing you to make the best real estate decisions.

Our unique suite of apps within the award-winning Knowledge Cubed platform enriches your company’s data with our expert perspective, providing a strong foundation for your real estate strategy.

Delivering accuracy, timeliness and simplicity, our systems combine unbiased analyses of each of your real estate markets around the world and give you the ability to ask questions through a unique and effective user experience.

With a fact-based understanding of every aspect of your portfolio, you’ll be empowered to make decisions anywhere and everywhere, whether it’s down the street from your headquarters, or twelve time zones away.



Client Technology

Knowledge Cubed 

As organizations contend with increasing amounts of data,the ability to quickly turn data into actionable insights becomes a key strategic advantage. Knowledge Cubed is our data management, visualization and analytics platform that aggregates and integrates portfolio, business, market and occupancy data.

Client Technology


Workthere is a venture by Savills focused solely on helping businesses find flexible office space, from a serviced office to co-working or shared space. Whether you’re an individual or a global business, we take pride in intelligently finding you the right space to help your business thrive.