Visioning sessions are opportunities to engage client leadership and staff about the current and desired future states of the organization as a whole. This participatory activity is a central component of our approach to workplace strategy, which aims to always align recommendations with both organizational strategic objectives as well as employee feedback.

Savills visioning tools are committed to incorporating both client leadership and staff perspectives on an organization’s goals, processes and issues. Our team uses the feedback collected during the visioning sessions to recommend a spatial strategy and planning. For example, a desire for improved communication between departments may indicate the need for the rearrangement of work seats around common spaces that encourage spontaneous collaboration.

These conversations provide context for how the future workplace can best align with an organization’s strategic vision and employee satisfaction criteria. The insights uncovered through these visioning sessions provide clients with benefits such as valuable leverage points in renewal negotiations, measures for comparing relocation options and qualifying future workplace designs. Furthermore, these participatory sessions are powerful ways to engage staff in the space planning process so that they feel like they have a stake in shaping the future work environment.

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Workplace Strategy and Occupant Experience

Workplace Strategy and Occupant Experience

Focused on deeply understanding our clients’ occupant experience, we leverage our workplace research and tools to instill wellness, comfort, connectivity and innovation in the work environment. By helping your organization make more informed, data-driven, and people-centric real estate decisions, workplace research and strategy can maximize your investment at multiple scales.

Workplace Strategy and Occupant Experience

Test Fits

Test fits are architectural exercises to determine the capacity of a space to support its intended uses. Our data-driven test fits are supported by research such that clients can trace the function and justification for each space type within a test fit. This test fit approach helps clients determine an ideal site selection given its unique organizational characteristics.

Workplace Strategy and Occupant Experience


As specialists in meeting the needs of today’s forward-thinking tenants, our Sustainable Real Estate Practice includes LEED Accredited Professionals nationwide who understand how businesses can create eco-friendly work environments that improve the quality of life for their employees and the global community.

Workplace Strategy and Occupant Experience

Space Utilization and Optimization 

Our space utilization analysis cross-references first party data such as badge swipes with employee directories to identify occupancy differences across departmental groups. The resultant figures allow us to understand where there are potential pain points in the space and recognize opportunities for improvement.

Workplace Strategy and Occupant Experience

Occupancy Planning

Having a multi-tiered understanding of an organization's use of space can drive more strategic real estate and employee experience strategies. Our Workplace Strategy team leverages client's existing systems from their Facilities Management, Human Resources and Information Technology departments, as well as rigorous observational studies, to elucidate how and when people are using the spaces.