Your company’s tenancy creates value. From our Minneapolis office, we help companies nationwide quantify that value and execute real estate strategies that support their most valuable resource: their people. Our team brings decades of success in generating positive outcomes for clients in site selections, negotiations and economic incentive packages.

In addition to tenant advisory representation, Ann Marie Collins leads a tactical special forces team that handles incentive negotiations for clients anywhere in the country. Over the past 25 years, Ann Marie’s work has changed legislation in 15 states, and saved companies more than $15 billion through thoughtfully structured incentive strategies.

Leveraging this deep experience, detailed research and analytics, and insight, we produce tailored solutions that suit your company. States and municipalities are eager to attract companies that bring jobs and help support infrastructure investments. Our practice capitalizes on these opportunities to help you reduce upfront capital, ongoing operating expenses and taxes. We advocate for tenants because we can build a more compelling case when we focus on our clients’ long-term operating costs, without diluting our focus.

No situation is too complex for our team. We structure large-sum tax incentive packages for companies across the spectrum, from retail operations to food and beverage manufacturing to high tech headquarters offices. Finding and retaining the best labor pool is often more important than the space itself. Taking care of employees leads to taking care of the customer, which is good for the entire economic system.

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