For over 60 years, we’ve been a pioneer in tenant advisory services and a trusted business partner of leading financial, legal, professional and nonprofit organizations. Business leaders who value expertise and innovative thinking rely on us to guide their real estate strategy in the New York region and around the world.

We are different. We understand that the best opportunity of the moment may not offer the best long-term value for your company. Our goal is to ensure your real estate strategy helps you amplify the power of your people.

Our integrated teams of brokers and consultants have the experience to help you realize your business goals. With expertise in consulting, structured finance, workforce analytics and workplace strategy/occupant experience, we develop tailored solutions that support your profitability and productivity. We are driven to find the most creative way to optimize your negotiating position. We don’t rest until we have explored every angle.

You don’t need the largest team in New York, you need the smartest and most tenacious professionals, backed by in-depth research and financial acumen. We tap into a deep well of collective knowledge and proprietary market intelligence to spot opportunities that others miss. We earn client loyalty and referrals because we work harder, are more responsive to our clients’ interests and operate with greater flexibility to obtain the best results for you.

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